We have many electronic tubes used for radio, television, hobby work and amplifiers.

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We carry over 1000 different tubes

Also we carry 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AT7 in Used made in U.S.A







1L4 $10.14

6J5 $12.23

1U4 $8.00

6J7 $14.90

1U5 $6.67

6JB6 $45.17

1V2 $6.67

6JZ8 $11.28

3A3C $8.09

6K6GT $7.75

3AT2B $14.59

6K7 $12.90

3CB6/3CF6 $3.47

6KD8/6AX8/6U8A  SEE 6U8A/6KD8/6AX8
3CZ3 $11.16

6KG6A/EL519 $42.91  
3DB3/3CY3 $9.95

6L6WGB $24.90

3DC3/3CU3A $16.00

6LX8/LCF802 $7.63

3EJ7 $7.81

6SA7 $14.50

3HA5/3HM5 $8.80

6SC7 $18.36

3HM5/3HA5 $8.80

6SJ7 $14.50

      6SK7 $14.50

3S4 $6.24

6SL7GT $21.90

3V4 $10.14

6SN7GTB $21.90

3CY3/3DB3 $9.95

6SQ7 $18.40

3CU3A $22.75

6U8A/6KD8/6AX8 $7.90

3DC3 $17.08

6U10 $18.89

3DJ3 $10.78

6V4/EZ80 $11.90

5AR4/GZ34 $26.00

6V6GT $18.00

5AS4A/5U4GB  See 5URGB/5AS4A 6X4 $19.00

5GH8A/PQ3501 $5.35

6X5GT/EZ35 $12.00

5U4GB/5AS4A $31.62

6X8 $5.08

5V4GA $17.14

9JW8/PCF802 $3.47

5Y3GT $22.00

10GF7 $30.53

5Y4GT $26.00

10JA5 $10.68

6AB4 $7.63

11MS8 $21.04

6AH6 $8.00

12AT7/ECC81 $18.08

6AJ8/ECH81 $12.49

12AU7A/ECC82 $18.08

6AK5/EF95 $8.81

12AV6 $5.08

6AK8/EABC80 $14.00

12AV7 $22.00

      12AY7 $22.08

      12AX7 (russia) $10.00 Pick up only
6AL5/EB91 $6.90

12AX7B (china) $18.00

      12AX7/ECC83 (mullard) $45.00 Pick up only
      12AX7 (Used ,U.S.A) $20.00 Pick up only
6AN8A $10.80

12AZ7A $5.60

6AQ5A/6HG5 $8.95

12BA6 $7.49

6AQ8 $14.00

12BY7A $7.49

6AU6A $7.81

12BE6 $15.37

6AU8A $22.23

12BH7A $35.00

6AV6 $7.81

12BV7/12DQ7/12BY7A  See 12BY7A/12BV7/12DQ7
6AX5GT $5.35

12DT8 $6.67

6AX8/6U8A/6KD8 See 6UMA/6KD8/6AK8  12DW7 $40.66

      12SA7 $12.00

      12SK7 $12.00

6BA6/EF93 $8.67

12SL7GT $12.23

6BE6 $6.26

12SN7GTA $9.35

6BH6 $7.52

12SQ7GT $10.64

6BL8/ECF80 $12.00

15CW5/PL84 $6.14

6BM8/ECL82 $17.90

17DW4A $13.45

6BN8 $18.95

17JZ8 $14.18

6BQ5/EL84 $18.44

17KV6A $17.45


21LU8 $15.91

6BW3/6CG3 SEE 6CG3/6BW3 25EH5 $6.67

6BZ7/6BQ7A $7.24

31JS6C $40.64

6C4/EC90 $12.35

35C5 $8.00

6CA4/EZ81 $32.00

35L6GT $12.73

6CA7/EL34 $39.00

35W4 $11.02

6CB6A/6CF6 $4.96

35Z5GT $20.06

6CF6/6CB6A SEE 6CB6A/6CF6  36KD6/40KD6 $31.62

6CG3/6BW3 $17.14

40KD6/36KD6 SEE 36KD6/40KD6 
6CG7/6FQ7 $20.06

40KG6A/PL509 $38.40

6CH3 $14.69

42EC4/PY500A $9.90

6CJ3/6DW4B $22.02

50C5 $8.00

6CM3 $14.69

50EH5 $7.49

6CS6 $4.54

50L6GT $22.02

6CW5/EL86 $8.00

80 $24.48

      811A $30.00

6DC8/EF89 $6.14

6267 $18.36

6DC8/EBF89 $6.42

6973 $36.13

6DJ8 $18.04

7025A/ECC83/12AX7A SEE 12AX7A/7025A/ECC83 
6DL5/EL95 $16.00

7189A $29.90 pick up only
6DQ6B/6GW6 $12.04

6DT6 $7.00

6DW4B/6CJ3 SEE 6CJ3/6DW4B  EB91/6AL5 SEE 6AL5/EB91
6DX8/ECL84 $5.08

6EA8 $14.54

EC90/6C4 SEE 6C4/EC90
6EC4/EY500A $12.73

ECC81/12AT7 SEE 12AT7/ECC81
6EH7/EF183 $4.54

6EJ7/EF184 $4.54

ECC83/12AX7A/7025A SEE AX27A/7025A/EC83
6EU7 $45.17

6F5 $20.80

6F6GT $23.03

6FG6/EM84 $16.66

6FQ7/6CG7 SEE 6CG7/6FQ7  ECL84/6BQ5 SEE 6BQ5/EL84
6GF7 $10.15

EL34/6CA7 SEE 6CA7/EL34
6GH8A $7.08

EL86/6CW5 SEE 6CW5/EL86
6GK6 $19.33

EL95/6DL5 SEE 6DL5/EL95
6GW8/ECL86 $21.90

EL519/6KG6A SEE 6KG6A/EL519
6H6 $15.91

6HA5/6HM5 SEE 6HA5/6HM5  KT66 $39.00

6HQ5 $6.14

GZ34/5AR4 SEE 5AR4/GZ34
OOA 3A2 5U4G 6BS7 6GJ7 6Q6G 8KR8 12F5GT 17JB6 33JV6
O1A 3A2A 5U4GA 6BS8 6GJ8 6Q7 8KS8 12F8 17JB6A 34
OA2 3A3 5U8 6BT4 6GK5 6Q7G 8LC8 12FA6 17JF6 34CD3
OA3 3A3A 5U9 6BT6 6GK7 6Q7GT 8LE8 12FB5 17JG6 34CE3
OA3A 3A3B 5V3 6BT8 6GL7 6Q7MG 8LS6 12FK6 17JG6A 34CM3
OA4G 3A4 5V3A 6BU4 6GM5 6Q11 8LT8 12FM6 17JK8 34GD5
OA5 3A5 5V4G 6BU5 6GM6 6R3 8MU8 12FQ7 17JM6 34GD5A
OB2 3A8G 5V4GY 6BU6 6GM8 6R4 8SN7GTB 12FQ8 17JM6A 34R3
OB3 3A8GT 5V6GT 6BU8 6GN6 6R6G 8U9 12FR8 17JN6 35
OB3A 3AF4A 5V9 6BU8A 6GN8 6R7 8X9 12FT6 17JN6A 35/51
OC2 3AF4B 5W4 6BV7 6GQ7 6R7G 9A8 12FV7 17JQ6 35A3
OC3 3AJ8 5W4G 6BV8 6GS8 6R7GT 9AH9 12FX5 17JR6 35A5
OC3A 3AL5 5W4GT 6BV11 6GT5 6R7GT/G 9AK8 12FX8 17JT6 35A5LT
OD3 3AT2 5W4GT/G 6BW4 6GT5A 6R7MG 9AK10 12FX8A 17JT6A 35B5
OD3A 3AT2A 5X3 6BW6 6GU5 6R8 9AQ8 12FY8 17JZ8A 35C3
OY4 3AU6 5X4G 6BW7 6GU7 6S2 9AU7 12G4 17KV6 35C5A
OY4G 3AV6 5X4GA 6BW8 6GV5 6S2A 9BJ11 12G8 17L6GT 35CD6GA
OZ4 3AW2 5X8 6BW11 6GV7 6S4 9BM5 12G11 17LD8 35D5
OZ4A 3AW2A 5X9 6BX4 6GV8 6S4A 9BR7 12GA6 17R5 35DZ8
OZ4G 3AW3 5Y3G 6BX6 6GW5 6S6GT 9BR8 12GC6 17W6GT 35EH5
1A3 3B2 5Y3GT/G 6BX7GT 6GX6 6S7 9BW6 12GE5 17X10 35EH5A
1A4 3B4 5Y4G 6BX8 6GX7 6S7G 9CG8A 12GJ5 17Z3 35FN5
1A4P 3B5 5Y4GT 6BY5G 6GY5 6S8GT 9CL8 12GN6 18 35GL6
1A4T 3B5GT 5Z3 6BY5GA 6GY6 6SA7G 9DZ8 12GN7 18A5 35HB8
1A5G 3B7 5Z4 6BY6 6GY8 6SA7GT 9EA8 12GN7A 18AJ10 35L6G
1A5GT 3BA6 5Z4G 6BY7 6GZ5 6SA7GT/G 9EF6 12GT5 18DZ8 35L6GT
1A5GT/G 3BC5 5Z4GT 6BY8 6H4 6SA7GTX 9EN7 12GT5A 18FW6 35LR6
1A6 3BE6 5Z4GT/G 6BY11 6H4GT 6SA7GTY 9GB8 12GV5 18FW6A 35S
1A7G 3BF2 5Z4MG 6BZ3 6H5 6SA7Y 9GH8A 12GW6 18FX6 35S/51S
1A7GT 3BH2 6A3 6BZ6 6H6G 6SB7 9GV8 12H4 18FX6A 35W4A
1A7GT/G 3BL2 6A4 6BZ8 6H6GT 6SB7GTY 9KC6 12H6 18FY6 35Y4
1AB5 3BL2A 6A4LA 6C4 6H6GT/G 6SB7Y 9KX6 12HE7 18FY6A 35Z3
1AB6 3BM2 6A5 6C5 6H6MG 6SC7GT 9KZ8 12HG7 18GB5 35Z3LT
1AC6 3BM2A 6A5G 6C5G 6H8G 6SC7GTY 9LA6 12HL5 18GD6 35Z4
1AD2 3BN2 6A6 6C5GT 6HA6 6SD7GT 9ML8 12HL7 18GD6A 35Z4GT
1AD2-A 3BN2A 6A6X 6C5GT/G 6HB5 6SE7GT 9MN8 12HU8 18GE6 35Z5
1AE4 3BN4 6A7 6C5MG 6HB6 6SF5 9U8 12J5 18GE6A 35Z5G
1AF4 3BN4A 6A7S 6C6 6HB7 6SF5GT 9U8A 12J5GT 18GV8 35Z5GT/G
1AF5 3BN6 6A8 6C7 6HC8 6SF7 9X8 12J7 18HB8 35Z6G
1AH5 3BS2 6A8G 6C8G 6HD5 6SF7GT 9V9 12J7G 19 35Z6GT
1AJ2 3BS2A 6ABGT 6C9 6HD7 6SG7 10 12J7GT 19AQ5 36
1AJ4 3BS2-B 6ABGTX 6C10 6HD5 6SG7GT 10AL11 12J7GT/G 19AU4 36A
1AM4 3BT2 6ABMG 6CA4 6HD7 6SG7Y 10BQ5 12J8 19AU4GT 36AM3
1AN5 3BT2-A 6AB5 6CA5 6HE5 6SH7 10CB 12JB6 19AU4GTA 36AM3A
1AQ5 3BU8 6AB5/6N5 6CA7 6HE7 6SH7GT 10CW5 12JB6A 19BG6G 36AM3B
1AR5 3BU8A 6AB6G 6CA11 6HF5 6SH7L 10DA7 12JF5 19BG6GA 37
1AS5 3BW2 6AB7 6CB5 6HF8 6SJ7GT 10DE7 12JN6 19C8 37A
1AU2 3BX6 6AB7Y 6CB5A 6HG8 6SJ7GTX 10DR7 12JN6A 19CG3 38
1AU3 3BY6 6AB8 6CB6 6HJ5 6SJ7GTY 10DX8 12JNB 19CL8A 38A
1AY2 3BY7 6AB9 6CB6A 6HJ7 6SJ7Y 10EB8 12JQ6 19CL8B 38A3
1AY2-A 3BZ6 6AC5 6CD3 6HJ8 6SK7G 10EG7 12JS6 19CQ7 38HE7
1B3GT 3C2 6AC5G 6CD6G 6HK5 6SK7GT 10EW7 12JT6 19CS4 38HK7
1B4 3C4 6AC5GT 6CD6GA 6HK8 6SK7GT/G 10FD7 12JT6A 19D8 39
1B4G 3C5GT 6AC5GT/G 6CD7 6HL5 6SK7GTX 10FR7 12K5 19DE3 39/44
1B4P 3C6 6AC6G 6CE3 6HL8 6SK7GTY 10GF7A 12K7G 19DE7 40
1B4T 3CA3 6AC6GT 6CE5 6HM6 6SK7Y 10GK6 12K7GT 19EA8 40A1
1B5 3CA3A 6AC7 6CF6 6HQ6 6SL7A 10GN8 12K7GT/G 19EA8A 40B2
1B5/25S 3CE5 6AC7A 6CG6 6HR5 6SL7GTY 10HA6 12K8 19EW7 40FR5
1B6 3CN3 6AC7Y 6CG8 6HR6 6SL7L 10HF8 12K8GT 19EZ8 40KG6
1B7G 3CN3A 6AC9 6CG8A 6HV5 6SN7A 10J10 12K8Y 19FX5 40Z5
1B7GT 3CN3B 6AC10 6CH6 6HS5 6SN7GT 10JA8 12KL8 19HR6 40Z5/45Z5GT
1B7GT/G 3CS6 6AD5G 6CH7 6HS6 6SN7GTA 10JT8 12L6GT 19HS6 40Z5GT
1B8GT 3CU3 6AD5GT 6CH8 6HS8 6SN7GTY 10JY8 12L8GT 19HV8 41
1BC2 3CV3 6AD6G 6CJ5 6HT6 6SN7L 10KR8 12MD8 19J6 42
1BC2-A 3CV3A 6AD7G 6CJ6 6HU6 6SQ7G 10KU8 12Q7 19JN8 43
1BC2-B 3CX3 6AD8 6CK3 6HU8 6SQ7GT 10LB8 12Q7G 19KG8 43MG
1BG2 3CY5 6AD10 6CK4 6HV5 6SQ7GT/G 10LE8 12Q7GT 19Q9 44
1BH2 3CZ3A 6AD10-A 6CK5 6HV5.A 6SR7 10LW8 12Q7GT/G 19T8 45
1BL2 3D6 6AE5 6CK6 6HW8 6SR7G 10LY8 12R5 19T8A 45A
1BV2 3DF3 6AE5G 6CL3 6HZ6 6SR7GT 10LZ8 12S7 19V8 45A5
1BX2 3DF3A 6AE5GT 6CL5 6HZ8 6SS7 10T10 12S8 19X3 45B5
1BY2 3DA3 6AE5GT/G 6CL6 6J4 6SS7GT 10X 12S8G 19X8 45Z3
1BY2-A 3DG4 6AE6 6CL8 6J5G 6ST7 10Y 12S8GT 19Y3 45Z5GT
1C3 3DH3 6AE6G 6CL8A 6J5GT 6SU7GT 10Z10 12SA7 20 46
1C4 3DK6 6AE7G 6CM4 6J5GT/G 6SU7GTX 11 12SA7G 20AQ3 47
1C5G 3DR3 6AE7GT 6CM5 6J5GTX 6SU7GTY 11AR11 12SA7GT 20EQ7 48
1C5GT 3DS3 6AE8 6CM6 6J5GX 6SV7 11BM8 12SA7GT/G 20EW7 49
1C5GT/G 3DT6 6AF3 6CM7 6J5MG 6SV7GT 11BQ11 12SA7GTY 20EZ7 50
1C6 3DT6A 6AF4 6CM8 6J6 6SZ7 11BT11 12SA7Y 20J8 50A1
1C7G 3DX4 6AF4A 6CN6 6J6A 6T4 11C5 12SC7 21A6 50A5
1D4G 3DY4 6AF5G 6CN7 6J7G 6T5 11CA11 12SF5 21A7 50AX6G
1D4GT 3DY4A 6AF6G 6CQ4 6J7GT 6T6 11CF11 12SF5GT 21B6 50AX6GT
1D5G 3DZ4 6AF6GT 6CQ6 6J7GTX 6T6GM 11CY7 12SF7 21EX6 50B5
1D5GP 3E5 6AF7G 6CQ8 6J7MG 6T7G 11DS5 12SF7GT 21GY5 50BK5
1D5GT 3E6 6AF10 6CR4 6J8G 6T8 11FY7 12SF7Y 21HB5 50BM8
1D7G 3EA5 6AF11 6CR5 6J9 6T8A 11HM7 12SG7 21HB5A 50C5A
1D8GT 3EH7 6AG5 6CR6 6J10 6T9 11JE8 12SG7GT 21HD5 50C6G
1DG3 3ER5 6AG6G 6CR8 6J11 6T10 11KV8 12SG7Y 21HJ5 50C6GA
1DG3-A 3ES5 6AG7 6CS5 6JA8 6U3 11LQ8 12SH7 21JS6A 50CA5
1DN5 3EV5 6AG7Y 6CS7 6JB5 6U4GT 11LT8 12SH7GT 21JV6 50CD6G
1DY4 3FH5 6AG9 6CS8 6JB6A 6U5 11LY6 12SJ7 21JZ6 50DC4
1DY4A 3FQ5 6AG10 6CT3 6JB8 6U5/6G5 11Y9 12SJ7GT 21KA6 50ES
1DN5 3FQ5A 6AG11 6CT7 6JC5 6U6GT 12 12SK7 21KQ6 50EH5A
1E4G 3FS5 6AH4GT 6CU5 6JC6 6U7G 12A 12SK7G 21LG6 50FA5
1E4GT 3FY5 6AH5 6CU6 6JC6A 6U8 12A/112A 12SK7GT 21LG6-8 50FE5
1E5G 3GK5 6AH5G 6CU7 6JC8 6U9 12A4 12SK7GT/G 21LR8 50FK5
1E5GP 3GS8 6AH6V 6CU8 6JD5 6V3 12A5 12SK7GTY 21MY8 50FY8
1E5GT 3GU5 6AH7GT 6CV7 6JD6 6V3A 12A6 12SK7Y 22 50GY7
1E7G 3GW5 6AH9 6CW4 6JE6 6V5G 12A6G 12SN7GT 22BH3 50HC6
1E7GT 3HK5 6AJ4 6CW7 6JE6A 6V5GT 12A6GT 12SQ7 22BH3A 50HK6
1F4 3HM6 6AJ5 6CX7 6JE6B 6V6 12A6GTY 12SQ7G 22BW3 50HN5
1F5G 3HQ5 6AJ7 6CX8 6JE6C 6V6G 12A6Y 12SQ7GT/G 22DE4 50JY6
1F6 3HS8 6AK6 6CY5 6JE8 6V6GTA 12A7 12SR7 22JF6 50L6G
1F7G 3HT6 6AK7 6CY7 6JE6 6V6GT/G 12A8 12SR7GT 22JG6 50X6
1F7GH 3JC6 6AK9 6CZ5 6JE8 6V6GTX 12A8G 12SW7 22JG6A 50Y6G
1F7GT 3JC6A 6AK10 6D5 6JG5 6V6GTY 12A8GT 12SW7GT 22JR6 50Y6GT
1F7GV 3JD6 6AL3 6D5G 6JG6 6V6GX 12AB5 12SX7GT 22JU6 50Y6GT/G
1F7GY 3KF8 6AL6 6D5MG 6JG6A 6V6Y 12AC5 12SY7 22KM6 50Y7GT
1G3GT 3KT6 6AL6G 6D6 6JH5 6V7G 12AC6 12SY7GT 22KV6 50Z6G
1G3-GTA 3LE4 6AL7 6D7 6JH6 6V8 12AD5 12T10 23JS6A 50Z7G
1G3GT/1B3GT 3LF4 6AL7GT 6D8 6JH8 6V9 12AD6 12U7 23Z9 50Z7GT
1G4G 3Q4 6AL9 6D8G 6JK5 6W4GT 12AD7 12V6GT 24A 51
1G4GT 3Q5 6AL11 6D10 6JK6 6W4GTA 12AE6 12W6GT 24BF11 51S
1G4GT/G 3Q5G 6AM4 6DA4 6JK8 6W5 12AE6A 12X3 24GA7 52
1G5G 3Q5GT/G 6AM5 6DA4A 6JL6 6W5G 12AE7 12X4 24JE6A 53
1G5GT 3S4SF 6AM6 6DA5 6JL8 6W5GT 12AE10 12Z3 24JZ8 53HK7
1G5GT/G 3W4 6AM8 6DA6 6JM6 6W6 12AF3 12Z5 24LQ6 55
1G6G 3Z4 6AM8A 6DA7 6JM6A 6W6GT 12AF6 13 24S 55N3
1G6GT 4A6G 6AN4 6DB5 6JN6 6W7G 12AG6 13CM4 25 55S
1G6GT/G 4AU6 6AN5 6DB6 6JN6A 6X5 12AH6 13DE7 25A6 56
1H2 4AV6 6AN6 6DC6 6JN8 6X5G 12AH7GT 13DR7 25A6G 56A
1H4G 4BA6 6AN7 6DE4 6JQ6 6X5GT/G 12AH8 13EC7 25A6GT 56AS
1H4GT 4BC5 6AN8 6DE6 6JR6 6X5L 12AJ6 13EM7 25A6GT/G 56R9
1H5 4BC8 6AQ4 6DG6GT 6JS6 6X5MG 12AJ7 13FD7 25A6MG 56S
1H5G 4BE6 6AQ5 6DG7 6JS6A 6X8A 12AL5 13FM7 25A7G 57
1H5GT 4BL8 6AQ6 6DK6 6JS6B 6X9 12AL8 13FR7 25A7GT 57A
1H5GT/G 4BN4 6AQ7GT 6DL3 6JS6C 6Y3 12AL11 13GB5 25A7GT/G 57AS
1H6G 4BN6 6AQ8 6DL4 6JT6 6Y3G 12AQ5 13GC8 25AC5G 57S
1H6GT 4BQ7A 6AR5 6DL7 6JT6A 6Y5 12AS5 13GF7 25AC5GT 58
1J3 4BS8 6AR6 6DM4 6JT8 6Y5G 12AT6 13GF7A 25AC5GT/G 58AS
1J3A 4BU8 6AR6G 6DM4A 6JU6 6Y5GT 12AT6A 13J10 25AV5GA 58HE7
1J5G 4BX8 6AR7GT 6DN3 6JU8 6Y5V 12AU6 13JZ8 25AV5GT 58S
1J5GT 4BZ6 6AR8 6DN6 6JU8A 6Y6G 12AU6A 13JZ8A 25AX4GT 59
1J6G 4BZ7 6AR11 6DN7 6JV8 6Y6GA 12AU7 13V10 25B5 59B
1J6GT 4BZ8 6AS4GT 6DQ4 6JW6 6Y6GT 12AU8 13Z10 25B6 60E3
1J6GX 4CB6 6AS5 6DQ5 6JW8 6Y7G 12AV5GA 14 25B6G 60EH5
1K3 4CE5 6AS6 6DQ6 6JX8 6Y9 12AV5GT 14A4 25B6GT 60FX5
1K3-A 4CF6 6AS7G 6DQ6A 6JZ6 6Y10 12AV6A 14A5 25B8 60HL5
1K4 4CM4 6AS7GA 6DR4 6K5 6Z3 12AW6 14A7 25B8GT 64
1K5G 4CS6 6AS7GT 6DR6 6K5G 6Z4 12AX3 14A7ML 25BK5 64A
1K7G 4CX7 6AS8 6DR7 6K5GT 6Z5 12AX4GT 14A7/12B7 25BQ6GA 65
1L5G 4CY5 6AS11 6DR8 6K6 6Z5/12Z5 12AX4GTA 14A7ML/12B7ML 25BQ6GT 65A
1L6 4DE6 6AT6 6DS4 6K6G 6Z6G 12AX4GTB 14AF7 25BQ6GTB 67
1LA4 4DK6 6AT8 6DS5 6K6GT/G 6Z6GT 12AX7 14B6 25BQ6GTB/25CU6 67A
1LA4E 4DT6 6AT8A 6DS8 6K6MG 6Z6MG 12AY3 14B8 25BR3 68
1LA6 4DT6A 6AU4GT 6DT4 6K7G 6Z7G 12AY3A 14BL11 25C5 68A
1LB4 4EH7 6AU4GTA 6DT5 6K7GT 6Z10 12AY7 14BR11 25C6G 70A7GT
1LB6 4EJ7 6AU5GT 6DT6 6K7GTX 6ZY5G 12AZ7 14C5 25C6GA 70L7GT
1LC5 4ES8 6AU6 6DT6A 6K7MG 7A4 12B3 14C7 25CA5 71
1LC6 4EW6 6AU7 6DT8 6K8 7A5 12B4 14DA7 25CD6G 71A
1LD5 4FS7 6AU8 6DV4 6K8G 7A6 12B4A 14E6 25CD6GA 71B
1LE3 4GJ7 6AV4 6DW4 6K8GT 7A7 12B6M 14E7 25CD6GB 75
1LF3 4GK5 6AV5GA 6DW4A 6K8GTX 7A7LM 12B7 14F7 25CG3 75S
1LG5 4GM6 6AV5GT 6DW5 6K11 7A8 12B7ML 14F8 25CK3 VR75
1LH4 4GS7 6AV11 6DX4 6KA8 7AB7 12B8 14G6 25CM3 76
1LN5 4GS8 6AW6 6DY4 6KD6 7AD7 12B8GT 14GT8 25CR5 77
1M3 4GW5 6AW7GT 6DY4A 6KE6 7AF7 12BA6A 14GT8A 25CT3 78
1M5G 4GX7 6AW8 6DY5 6KE8 7AG7 12BA7 14H7 25CU6 79
1N3 4GZ5 6AW8A 6DY7 6KF8 7AH7 12BD6 14J7 25D4 81
1N5G 4HA5 6AX3 6DZ4 6KG6 7AJ7 12BE3 14JG8 25D8GT 82
1N5GT 4HA7 6AX4GT 6DZ7 6KL8 7AK7 12BE3A 14K7 25DK4 82V
1N5GT/G 4HC7 6AX4GTA 6DZ8 6KM6 7AN7 12BE6A 14L7 25DN6 83
1N6G 4HG8 6AX4GT8 6E5 6KM8 7AU7 12BF6 14N7 25DQ6 83V
1N6GT 4HK5 6AX6G 6E6 6KN6 7B4 12BF11 14Q7 25DQ6A 84/6Z4
1P5G 4HM5 6AX7 6E7 6KN8 7B5 12BQ6GTB 14R7 25DT5 G84
1P5GT 4HM6 6AY3 6E8G 6KR8 7B5LT 12BH7 14S7 25E5 85
1Q5Q 4HQ5 6AY3A 6E8G 6KR8A 7B6 12BK5 14V7 25EC6 85AS
1Q5GT 4HR8 6AY3B 6EA4 6KS6 7B6LM 12BK6 14W7 25F5 85S
1Q5GT/G 4HS8 6AY11 6EA5 6KS8 7B7 12BL6 14X7 25F5A 88
1R4 4HT6 6AZ8 6EA7 6KT6 7B8 12BM5 14Y4 25FY8 89
1R5 4JC6 6B3 6EB5 6KT8 7B8LM 12BN6 14Y7 25GF6 89Y
1R5SF 4JC6A 6B4G 6EB8 6KU8 7C4 12BN6A 14Z3 25HX5 VR90
1S4 4JD6 6B5 6EC7 6KV6 7C5 12BQ6GA 15 25JQ6 95
1S5 4JH6 6B6 6EF4 6KV6A 7C5LT 12BQ6GT 15A6 25JZ8 96
1SA6GT 4JK6 6B6G 6EF6 6KV8 7C6 12BQ6GTA 15A8 25L6 98
1SB6GT 4JL6 6B7 6EH4 6KY6 7C7 12BQ6GTB 15AB9 25L6G V99
1T4 4KE8 6B7S 6EH4.A 6KY8 7D7 12BQ6GTB/12CU6 15AF11 25L6GT VR105
1T4SF 4KF8 6B8 6EH5 6KY8A 7DJ8 12BR3 15BD11