Arduino Shield
DC-Motor /Stepper/Servo Shield




DATA Logger



Arduino UNO

Comes with USB cord




Raspberry Pi

512 Meg


Arduino UNO Starter Kit


Package : 16.   1pcs x 1602 LCD display
1.    1pcs x for Arduino UNO board 17.   1pcs x PS2 joystick
2.    1pcs x Development expansion board 18.   1pcs x Stepping motor
3.    1 pcsx Breadboard 19.   1pcs x Stepping motor driver board
4.    1pcs x LED emitter kit (red / blue / yellow; each 5pcs) 20.   1pcs x Steering engine
5.    1 pcsx 74hc595 21.   1pcs x RGB module
6.    2 pcsx Buzzers 22.   30pcs x Breadboard cables
7.    1pcs x Seven-segment display (1-digit) 23.   10pcs x Dupont lines
8.    1pcs x Seven-segment display (4-digit) 24.   1pcs x 2.54mm pin header
9.    10pcsx Push button switches 25.   2pcs x Mercury switches
10.  3pcs x Light dependent resistors 26.   1pcs x Flame sensor
11.  5pcs x 10K resistors 27.   1pcs x Infrared receiver
12.  5pcs x 1K resistors 28.   1pcs x USB cable (80cm)
13.  8pcs x 220R resistors 29.   1pcs x Remote control 
14.  1pcs x Adjustable resistor 30.   1pcs x Battery case
15.  1pcs x LM35 temperature sensor  


(Pick up in store only)


Sensor  for Arduino




Jumper  Wires

Male pins


Jumper  Wires

8 Colors , 50 pcs / Bundel


Jumper  Wires

Male to Female
5 Colors , 50 pcs / Bundel



Opto display Alphanumeric 4 character

Litronix DL2416T

Size: 25 mm x 20 mm
More than a mere display, the DL-2416 is an entire seven-bit ASCII decoder, character generator,
and four-digit alphanumeric display in a single package. The display is made up of four 17-segment dies mounted under a plastic magnifier,
with the control circuitry mounted to the underside of the display and covered with an epoxy coating.
The display has its own memory registers, and will remember character data without processor intervention.