45865 Mini Lama RC Helicopter



  • Item no. 45865 Mini Lama RC Helicopter

  • Ready to fly out of the box

  • Infra red controlled bands A, B & C

  • Up & Down, Left & Right

  • Requires 6 AA batteries not included

  • Li-poly battery pre-installed in helicopter

  • Distance control 6 meter

  • Product size 17 x 2.5 x 7 cm

  • Carton size 73.5 x 27 x 65.5 cm

  • Charging time 15-20 minutes

  • Playing time per charge 5 minutes

  • 3 colors: red, yellow, blue

  • Super lightweight airframe

Original Price: $29.00
Special: $19.00

$ 17.00 /each for 2 or more

Red / each Red / for 2

Yellow / each Yellow  / for 2

Blue / each Blue  / for 2


757  FlyTech RC Dragonfly


Original Price:  $49.00

Winter Special   $ 39.00
White & Green


  • White & green / white & blue

  • Flies like a real bird indoors & outdoors

  • Up & down, forward & backward, left & right, with lights

  • A pair of extra wings included

  • Product size 40 x 35 x 12 cm

  • Carton size 74 x 38 x 81 cm

  • 12/carton/12Kg

  • Charging time 20 minutes

  • Playing time per charge 15 minutes

  • Distance control 30 meters

  • Needs 6 x AA batteries not included

  • Frequencies: 27MHz & 40MHz

  • Li-poly battery pre-installed

  • Super lightweight airframe crash resistant


Electronic Robot Kits
Robot Car

A series of Robot Kits for the future engineer. Build these kits and find out how much fun electronics & mechanics can be !
A sensor-activated robot car. The car changes directions when the sensor detects noise or when the car hits an object.


  • uses a microphone as sound sensor

  • dimensions: 110 x 90 x 60mm

  • power supply: 2 1.5V AA batteries (not included)



Robot Frog

The robot frog moves forward when it detects sound and repeats the following movements sequentially :
start (move forward) -> stop -> left turn -> stop -> right turn -> stop. Two sets of gear motors (unassembled).

  • dimensions: 90 x 125 x 100mm

  • power supply:

    • mechanical: 2 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

    • electronic: 9V-battery (not included)



"Escape" Robot Kit

The Escape Robot Kit works just like an A.I. robot. It never fails to find its way out of a maze. The Escape Robot uses 3 IR emitting diodes and 1 IR receiving module to send and receive signals and detect obstacles.
The Escape Robot's built-in microprocessor enables it to "think" on its own: it gathers and processes information on its environment so it can avoid any obstacle. The Escape Robot moves about on 6 legs.
This kit comes complete with 2 sets of differently designed legs that move in their own distinct way.

  • dimensions: 140 x 150 x 100mm



"Scarab" Robot Kit

Scarab is a robot that uses 2 touch sensors to detect obstacles. When its antennas (touch sensor) detect an obstacle, Scarab will first step back and then automatically execute a two-step manoeuvre to avoid the obstacle. The manoeuvre is a combination of "left turn", "right turn", "reverse" or "stop". The Scarab Robot can be configured with different sets of movements.
The Kit comes complete with 2 sets of differently designed legs, which move in their own distinct way.

  • dimensions: 175 x 145 x 85mm



"Ladybug" Robot Kit

The Ladybug Robot walks on 6 legs and uses infrared emitting diodes for "eyes" in order to avoid obstacles. Ladybug walks straight ahead but automatically makes a left turn the moment an obstacle is detected.
The Kit comes complete with 2 sets of differently designed legs, which move in their own distinct way.

  • dimensions: 120 x 150 x 85mm (length feelers : 40mm)



2 IN 1 Gearbox for Wooden Kits

use the contents of this set to change the speed of your existing sets
  • contains: motor, 2 set gears, metal shafts, gearbox and other accessories
  • powered by: 2 x AA batteries (not included)




It's Actually Climbing the Pop Machine!!!

Zero Gravity Mini RC Wall Climbers-AHL8015

  • Playing time: 8-10 minutes

  • Charging time: 30 minutes

  • Battery for car: 3.7V200mAh Li battery (included)

  • Battery for remote control: 6 X AA (not included)

  • Functions: climb walls, ceilings, glass walls and the floor

  • Comes in : red, orange, blue or yellow 

Original Price: $29.00
Special: $19.00  (Sold out)



Product Item 9081
Product Name LAMA V3
Product size44 x 8 x 17
Battery For ControllerLoad 8“ AA“ batteries
Battery650Mhz 7.4V
Charge time3-4H
Aviate Time10 M
Aviate Height50-100 M
Aviate Area50 M
Product Function : Up/down, left/right, forward/ back



Original Price: $119.00

(Sold out)