S-Video, Audio/Video Selector Switches

Xbox Wireless AV Selector



  • Organize & protect valuable Xbox games & DVD's

  • The Wireless AV Selector with Game & Memory Card Storage eliminates disconnecting & reconnecting cables of multiple components

  • Easily switch & connect up to 4 components

  • Easily switch to components such as game consoles. TV. VCR, DVDs, and tuners - Uses standard AV or AV & S-Video Cable

  • Stores up to 12 Xbox™ games or DVDs - Remote control included

This month's special: $28.00


PRICE: $35.40





Product Usage: Allows connection of up to four audio/video components such as a satellite system, DVD player, laser disc player, mini-disc player, CD player, VCR, video game system, etc. to a television or Home Theater system.


  • Compatible with today's digital technology
  • Instructions  provided on the back of the package
  • DVD Player Support
  • Video Game System Support
  • VCR Support
  • Satellite Receiver Support


NOTE: Using S-Video cables where possible will provide the best possible picture quality.




PRICE: $13.20



Applicable to:

VCD Player, Laser Disc Player, DVD Player, Video Game and all kinds of Video-Audio Appliance



Input 3 System Input1 RCA Connector
     Input 2 RCA Connector
     Input 3 RCA Connector
Output 1 System RCA  


NOTE: No Battery is needed

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