Circuit Tracers

Click image to enlarge - Circuit tracer
MTP 180-CB

  • The combination of amplifier probe and tone generator identifies and traces wires or cables
  • Volume control for increased sensitivity
  • Recessed on/off button prevents battery drain
  • Built-in telephone plug
  • Plug receptacle is provided for headset or headphone
  • Ideal for telecommunication cable

Included accessories: 2 x 9V batteries, amplifier probe, tone generator, carrying case

Click image to enlarge - Circuit Breaker Identifier

  • For use with circuits of 100 to 125 VAC
  • The combination or transmitter and receiver locates and identifies circuits, fuses or breakers
  • Works on live circuits
  • Identifies proper breaker with audible tone

Included accessories: 1 x 9V battery, receiver, transmitter, carrying case