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Frequency range 0.1 Hz~2MHz
Output waveforms sine, Triangle, square, ±Ramp, ±Pulse
Output impedance 50Ω ±10%
Output Amplitude Not less than 20Vp-p(open circuit)
DC Voltage 0~±10V continuously adjustable
Symmetry range 90:10-10:90
Rising edge of square Less than 100ns
Sine characteristic
Distortion Less than 1% at 10Hz-100KHz
Frequency response 0.1Hz~100KHz less than ±0.5ns
100KHz~2MHz less than ±1dB
TTL / CMOS output
Level TTL low level less than 0.4V in pulse wave, high level less than 3.5V CMOS low less than 0.5V in pulse wave, high level 5V~14V continuously variable
Rising time 
VCF input  Less than 100ns
Input voltage  -5V~0V±10%
Max. volt-controlled 1000:1
Input signal  DC-1KHz
Frequency counter
Measuring range 1Hz~30MHz
Input impedance Not less than 1MΩ/20pF
Sensitivity 100mVrms
Max. input  150V(AC+DC)
Input attenuation  20Db
Accuracy  Less than 0.003%±1digit
Dimension 310(W) ×100(H) ×260(D)mm
Weight 4Kg


Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator




* High resolution, accuracy and stability
* VFD display and rubber keypad allow easy operation
* Various Waveforms suitable for many applications
* Wide range of Sweep freq, start and stop freq. can be set independently


Main Waveforms Sine, Square (Only sine is available above 40MHz)
Waveform Length 8-16000 points
Amplitude Resolution 12bit
Sampling Rate 200MSa/S(≤80MHz)
Built - in Arbitrary Triang,+Ramp.+Pulse, Rise/fall exponential, Rise/fall logarthm,Gauss noise, Cardiac, SIN(X)/X, DC.
Waveform Length 8-16000 points
Amplitude Resolution 10 bits
Sampling Rate 10MSa/S(≤80MHz) 20MSa/S(120MHz)

Arbitrary Waveforms
Waveform Length 8-16000 points
Amplitude Resolution 10bit
Sampling Rate 10MSa/S(≤80MHz) 20MSa/S(120MHz)
Memory 6*4k