Thermal Cut-offs


Electrical rating: 125 VAC,15A max.,resistive load 250 VAC,10A max.,resistive load 

120 VAC FLA 5.8A, LRA 34.8A 
Inductive load 

240 VAC FLA 2.9A, LRA 17.4A 
Inductive load 

Operating temp.range: 70 to 160 DegreesCelcius (50 Degrees F to 320 Degrees F)

Part Number
US-602S07 70C $3.99

US-602S08 80C

US-602S09 90C

US-602S10 100C

US-602S11 110C

US-602S12 120C

US-602S13 130C

US-602S14 145C


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