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International Grounded Adaptor Plugs
298G Series


Adaptor (Rear View) Photo


* For use with our 171172175176179289 298 transformers.
* Heavy duty design with plastic shell & double wipe contacts.
* Indoor use only.
* Allows for ground connection between equipment and international power sources.
* With a set of all 4 adaptors, they will accept equipment with plugs from virtually every country except South Africa!
* Adaptors do not affect voltages, they are a mechanical device only to match foreign "pin-outs" of receptacles and/or plugs.


298G3 298G4 298G6 298G7



Part Number Grounded Plug Type Used in the Countries of Price Paypal
298G3 British Hong Kong; Ireland; Malaysia; Parts of Africa, Caribbean; Singapore; U.K. $13.38

298G4 European Austria; Belgium; Finland; France; Germany; Middle East; Netherlands; Norway; Parts of Africa, Asia ,South America, China, Tahiti and Caribbean; Sweden $13.38

298G6 Australian Australia; People's Republic of China; South Pacific Islands; New Zealand $13.38

298G7 North American  (120V) Canada; Parts of the Caribbean, South America; Philippines; USA $13.38


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