USB Hard Disk Case


USB2.0 Hard Disk Case (Model No. U2HD-GL-1)



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Connect Interface:    high speed USB 2.0 at 480Mbps
Data transfer rates:    12MBytes / sec
Hard Disk Support:   2.5 notebook IDE Hard Disk
Hard Disk Interface:    Ultra DMA 33 / 66 / 100
O/S Support:    Windows 98SE/ME/XP/2000/Mac OS8.6up
Dimensions:    135 x 77 13mm
Weight:    100g
Power:     from PS/2 keyboard
 - Plug and Play
 - Driverless on Windows ME, XP, 2000
 - Stylish and cyber-feel aluminum case
 - Robust inner aluminum tray provide extra
  protection to vulnerable hard disk and
  dissipates heat effectively by conduction.
 - Compatible to USB 1.1 Specification
 - Complies with ATA / ATAPI-6
 - 1 status LED to indicate 3 Modes
  ready mode, operation mode, suspend mode